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15 New Music Sounds of 2015

Here are the first 5 of 15 acts that I think will become well known during 2015. The Breakthrough Acts

Quite a few will already be known by many of you as a #newmusic fan.  Many were on my Ones to Watch For list last year ( this years list will be published soon) and have built up a successful following. Some have already been signed and are due to release their first album early in 2015.


So in no particular order here we go

1. Eliza and the Bear


No list of mine could be complete without these guys. Since the first time I saw them in Feb 2013 I have been sure that they would make it. Super talented with a great understanding of the music they want to make. Great anthemic indie. What they originally lacked was performance and all the hard work over the last 2 years has seen them hone their craft.  You will often hear them either in the background of a TV programme or in an advert

A great act to see live at a gig or a festival.

1st album is out in 2015

2. James Bay


Brit Award winner and on lots of lists and rightly so. I first saw him doing street performances during Great Escape this year and it was clear that this singer songwriter was about to launch himself to bigger things. Quietly spoken and humble he is captivating as soon as he starts his strutting and singing. He is no sudden hit having started to arouse noise across social media in 2013 and working hard touring with many bands both here and in the states as the support act.



3.  Coasts


Originally from Bristol and another act that has worked hard to get to where they are now… on the cusp of breaking through. Saw them play originally in 2013 and when I saw them again this year it was clear to see how much they had progressed in both song-writing and performance, I have a feeling that they have been recently signed, as there was a sudden cancellation of a trip to America and a concentrated time in the studio . On few lists and have been getting steady play on both Radio 1 and XFM. Guitar Indie with soaring vocals, great live and always seem to be having fun on stage.  Heading to America in the New Year and it looks like a busy festival season for them


4. Honne


To defy the normal rule of taking a long time to serve your time with gigs in pubs followed by support sets etc these guys have come to attention very quickly. Duo with a great groove.  heavy soul influence with soaring synthesizers, serious riffs and vocals that are similar to James Blake. They describe the sound as  “warm and sensual, late night vibes, serious baby making sounds.” Certainly for those who love Jungle. Originally from the South West these two ex-music teachers are now based in East London. Played their first gig on 25th November and hopefully we will see lots more live shows.


5. Kim Churchill


Kim is an Australian surf dude whom I came across randomly whilst searching for some live music in Freemantle in 2010. He was playing a market square very small youth skateboard festival on a tiny stage down an alley.

I was immediately wowed by his guitar playing and couldn’t believe that someone aged 20 could have so much skill already.  I have been keeping an eye on his global travels and his “have guitar will play” lifestyle.  I hate to think how many gigs and festivals a year he plays.

He plays acoustic guitar, kick drum, pedals and a harmonica. All at the same time and has a great voice too.

Earlier this year he came over to UK for the first time as the opening act for Billy Brag and I have caught him a couple of times since. He has got even better and it was great to see him pulling people into the Avalon Tent at Glastonbury this year.  What started as a fairly empty tent soon filled up.

Towards the end of the year he was signed by one of the major labels and will be touring here in March.  Definitely one to watch and catch live he is better live than on record.

That’s it for the first instalment of my 15 sounds of 2015